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We Install & Maintain Professional Commercial Security Systems Throughout Shropshire & The Midlands

Specialising in burglar alarm systems, access control, CCTV, and monitoring systems, Phoenix Security Systems caters to commercial security needs across Shropshire and The Midlands. We offer expertise in designing, installing, and maintaining security solutions for domestic, industrial, commercial and agricultural premises. Contact us for comprehensive services, including CCTV installation, intruder alarms, alarm maintenance, emergency lighting, smoke cloak and access control. Wire-free systems are available. Focusing on practical and effective security, we provide tailored solutions to safeguard your commercial property. Get in touch today to discuss your specific requirements and enhance the security of your business.

Our Commercial Security Services

Security guards in security control room with video wall

Access Control & Locks

Secure your premises effortlessly with our access control and lock solutions. We provide practical measures to manage entry, allowing only authorised personnel access to designated areas. Our focus is on simple, adequate security.

Alarm Systems

Count on us for comprehensive alarm services. We install and maintain robust alarm systems. Our systems prioritise simplicity and functionality, ensuring the security of your commercial property without unnecessary complexity.

Industrial Security

Protect your industrial facility with our straightforward security solutions. From access control to surveillance, we tailor our services to meet your needs, providing practical and reliable security measures.

Office Security

Ensure the safety of your office space with our practical security solutions. From access control to surveillance, we offer effective measures for a secure working environment, keeping your commercial property safe and functional.

Security Shutters

Explore our shutter solutions for enhanced security. Our approach emphasises simplicity and durability, offering practical protection for your commercial property and ensuring peace of mind without unnecessary complications.

Security Lighting

 Why not complement your burglar alarm and CCTV systems with security lighting designed specifically for your property? Choose our energy-efficient security lighting solutions for reliable illumination. Our systems ensure both the safety of your workforce and act as a deterrent to unwanted intruders.

Wire-Free Systems

Opt for hassle-free security with our wire-free systems. We offer straightforward solutions that ensure adequate protection for your commercial property without the complexities of wired alternatives.

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Contact Us On 01952 820945 or 07976 597118 For Reliable Commercial Security Solutions Or Fill In The Form Below! Ensure The Security Of Your Business.

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