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We Install & Maintain Professional Domestic Security Systems Throughout Shropshire & The Midlands

Based in Newport, Phoenix Security Systems provides comprehensive domestic security solutions across Shropshire and The Midlands. Committed to quality workmanship, we install and maintain reliable alarm, CCTV and access control systems tailored to your property's needs. Our engineers provide 24/7 emergency support. As SSAIB members, we guarantee a quality service.

Contact us today to discuss your security needs or request a free quote.

Our Home Security Services

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Burglar Alarms & Security Systems

Depend on our trustworthy burglar alarms and security systems to fortify your home. We tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring robust protection for your family and property and fostering peace of mind through reliable and adequate security measures.

Entry Systems

Enhance your home's security with our efficient entry and intercom systems. These features provide an added layer of control, allowing you to manage access and communicate effectively. Elevate your home's defence with our simple yet impactful solutions.

Security Lighting

Why not complement your burglar alarm and CCTV systems with security lighting designed specifically for your property.

Security Bars

Our sturdy security bars reinforce windows and entry points, providing additional protection for your home. Trust in the reliability of our straightforward yet effective security solutions to fortify your property against potential intruders.

Smoke Cloak

Strategically deployed, our smoke cloak system offers immediate visibility reduction in the event of security breaches. Add an extra layer to your home security strategy with this tactical approach, ensuring the safety of your family and property during unexpected incidents.

For Comprehensive Domestic Security Solutions Contact Us Now: 01952 820945 or 07976 597118 Or Fill In The Form Below!

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